Mobile users will constitute 73 percent of the U.S. work force in 2011, according to Forrester Research.

IDC estimates that 70 percent of enterprise data resides on mobile devices. Today’s advanced devices have the processing power and storage capacity to enable access to mission-critical applications.

Mobility is moving rapidly into the enterprise — and creating new challenges in the process. It adds an extra load on the network, introduces a new breed of security risks, and increases IT complexity and management overhead. Gartner estimates that 20 percent of an enterprise’s total IT budget is related to mobility costs. Organizations need expert guidance to rein in those costs while keeping pace with the onslaught of mobile devices.

These mobile devices now connected to the enterprise network also need to be managed and secured. In addition, users are requesting access to enterprise desktops, applications and data on these devices. As a result, Sigma views mobility as a trinity of Desktop Virtualization, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Wireless and offers extensive expertise across all three areas.

Desktop Virtualization

The explosion of mobile devices has prompted the notion of anywhere, any time, any device access which resulted in users requesting access to enterprise applications, desktops and data on their mobile devices. This is arguably one of the hottest technologies in the IT world today. Learn more about Sigma’s desktop virtualization practice by clicking here

Mobile Device Management – MDM

It’s not a simple task of deploying a Blackberry server anymore, consumerization has now reached the enterprise with users bringing in mobile devices of diverse operating systems from Apple iOS  to Google Android to Microsoft mobile, and more. Enterprise IT now is now tasked with finding solutions to control the influx of mobile devices in the enterprise while maintaining enterprise security and data integrity. Sigma has extensive expertise in solutions that are SaaS-based as well as others which are premise-based.


Sigma provides enterprise-class wireless networking products and services that help organizations embrace mobility. Underlying these technologies are comprehensive site survey, network design, engineering and interoperability services that ensure the wireless network can support today’s unified communications, collaboration, and enterprise applications across a broad array of devices. The result is a highly available and secure wireless infrastructure with the flexibility to evolve as mobile technologies continue to advance.

Learn more about how to Work Your Way with Sigma’s Mobility Solutions:

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