Sigma Match: Expertise as a Service

Sigma Match offers a complementary and integrated recruiting solution to Sigma Solutions current suite of offerings. Organizational resourcing through Sigma Match provides a truly unique service offering through a trademarked screening process.

The Sigma Match Service Provides:

  • A defined, documented, and trademarked process to ensure quality and efficiency.
  • Resources that have been thoroughly vetted by Sigma’s own technical subject matter experts.
  • Resources that have been matched to the important intangibles for your specific organization.
  • Skilled resources for complex projects; large-scale, iterative deployments; short-term assignments to fill resource gaps; temporary to permanent assignments; payroll services; or direct placements.

Even the best organizations rarely have all the subject matter experts they need in-house to handle today’s ever changing IT projects and troubleshoot complex technology problems. Traditional staff augmentation services seek to help fill these resource requirements quickly and efficiently, but often at the expense of quality, resulting in a decreased return on investment.

Organizational Resourcing through Sigma Match goes beyond traditional staff augmentation. We begin with a proven, documented, and trademarked process, and leverage our own skilled professionals and subject matter experts to “screen out” potential candidates, ensuring the technical skills you require are properly vetted and the resource will hit the ground running.

Sigma Match completes the quality process by going beyond the technical skills to address the often over-looked intangibles that ultimately determine if a resource is the right fit and proper long term solution for an organization. Through years of experience, we have found there are common factors, such as culture, environment, even attire, that impact the success of matching the right resource to the right company.

You can rest assured Sigma Match resources are not only technically screened, but are continually supported by Sigma Solutions highly technical team. With access to Sigma’s certified engineers, regional labs, partner websites, free training, and industry white papers, Sigma Match resources help reduce your risk and secure your return on investment.

When your organization needs the increased agility and budget flexibility of traditional staff augmentation to fill contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent positions, organizational resourcing through Sigma Match goes beyond the traditional and offers you the value of a scalable option to meet short-term requirements as well as long-term hiring goals.