VMware is the global leader in virtualization, delivering virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that reduce capital and operating expenses, improve agility, ensure business continuity and support green initiatives.

VMware introduced its hypervisor — the core software that enables virtualization — in 2001, years ahead of the competition. Over the past decade, VMware’s technology has been proven in more than 250,000 customer environments to simplify IT and enable more flexible service delivery.

VMware’s product suite encompasses state-of-the-art data center virtualization, desktop virtualization and disaster recovery solutions, with comprehensive management tools that improve efficiency and control. VMware also facilitates the transition to cloud computing while preserving choice and maximizing existing IT investments. As a VMware Premier Partner, Sigma Solutions has demonstrated its ability to successfully implement VMware virtualization infrastructure solutions, and has ready access to VMware demo software, services and expertise.

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VMware Offerings Supported

End User Computing
Hybrid Cloud
Software Defined DataCenter

VMware Competencies

Server Virtualization
Business Continuity
Desktop Virtualization
Hybrid Cloud
Management Automation
Mobility Management
Network Virtualization
Software Defined Storage