Whether it’s an exploding volume of information, “siloed” storage infrastructures or regulations requiring data retention, protection and recovery, efficient information storage is one of the most challenging obstacles facing today’s organizations.

As a result, the concept of storage optimization has taken on critical significance for companies hoping to leverage their “big data” to capture new opportunities and create competitive advantage.

With a dedicated storage practice, proven expertise in providing storage solutions to corporate clients, and the highest level of technical capabilities, the Sigma Solutions and Hitachi partnership meets the growing storage requirements of today’s businesses. The alliance combines Hitachi’s custom tools and service-delivery programs with Sigma’s proven storage capabilities and knowledge to help you tackle your most difficult big data and data management challenges. As a Hitachi Gold Partner, Sigma has more than 20 combined sales and technical certifications.

Learn more about our how Sigma and Hitachi Manage Unstructured Data in Distributed IT.

Sigma and Hitachi Offerings


  • Virtual Storage Platform Enablement Services
  • External Storage Virtualization
  • Configuration and Provisioning


  • Migration Planning
  • Virtual Storage Platform Controller-based Migration
  • UVM and Volume Migration


  • Storage Management
  • Remote Management
  • Managed Services/Residency

File and Content

  • Hitachi Content Platform
  • Hitachi NAS
  • Hitachi Data Discovery
  • Hitachi Data Ingestor